Analysis of caesarean section rate according to Robson’s criteria in tertiary care centre

Shanti Sah, Ruchica Goel, Jai Kishan Goel


Background: Caesarean Section (C.S.) delivery rate is steadily increasing worldwide, including India. It is difficult to determine the optimum categorisation of C.S. Robson system is most widely accepted classification worldwide. The objective of the present study is to analyze the incidence of deliveries and caesarean section rate according to Robson’s criteria at SRMS-IMS, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh.

Methods: The record of total women admitted in labour unit from June 2017 to May 2018 were analyzed based on their age, parity, gestation age, mode of delivery and group they belong according to Robson’s classification.

Results: Among 2560 women who delivered during the study period, 1030(40.23%) had caesarean section. Out of the total caesarean section 55.15% had primary caesarean section while repeat section were done in 44.85%. The most frequent indication for primary caesarean were fetal compromise and failure to progress while for repeat caesarean scar tenderness was the frequent indication. Robson’s group V had maximum caesarean section rate followed by group I. Breech presentation contributed to 11.55% to overall caesarean sections.

Conclusions: In present study group V, I, II were found to be major contributors to overall caesarean section rates. Modifiable factor for reducing caesarean rate would be to improve successful induction of labour which would decrease primary caesarean rate hence the chance of repeat section.


Caesarean Section, Robson’s ten group classification

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