Published: 2019-01-25

Recurrent decidual cast with membranous dysmenorrhea

Jyoti ., Suman Kumari, Devender Kumar, Pratiksha Gupta, Nupur Gupta, Anand Kumar


Decidual cast is the entire sloughed endometrium that takes the form of the endometrial cavity. It causes membranous dysmenorrhea because the intact cast passes through an undiluted cervix. It may be associated with ectopic pregnancy, incomplete abortion, non-pregnant state with use of progesterone, Depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA), rarely with oral contraceptive pills. Authors are reporting a case of recurrent decidual caste formation with membranous dysmenorrhoea in 33 years old women P3L3 who was on norethisterone acetate treatment for a typical uterine bleed (AUB). She presented with heavy menstrual bleeding with severe dysmenorrhea in Gynae causality of ESI Basaidarapur medical college, Delhi. She expelled decidual caste and required therapeutic Dilation and Curettage (D and C) to control bleeding per vaginum. Her histopathology report showed marked decidua like change of the stroma but no villi suggestive of endometrial caste.


Atypical uterine bleeding, Decidual cast, Membranous dysmenorrhea

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