Comparative study of oral iron (ferrous sulphate) versus intravenous (iron sucrose) therapy in treating iron deficiency anaemia in puerperium

Soniya Vishwakarma, Rajani Rawat, Pragati Dwivedi, Vaibhav Kanti


Background: Iron deficiency anaemia is one of the major morbidities during post-partum period. The aim of this study was to compare the efficacy, safety and compliance of intravenous iron sucrose complex with oral Iron therapy in treatment of postpartum anemia.

Methods: 100 postpartum anaemic patients randomized into two groups. In Group I oral iron ferrous sulphate tablets twice daily and in group II 200 mg of iron sucrose on every alternate day up to total calculated dose for 6 weeks. Hemoglobin and serum ferritin were measured on day 0, 2 week and 6 weeks. The side effects in both groups were noted.

Results: Majority of patients are multiparous, illiterate and belonged to low socioeconomic. Mean baseline hemoglobin in oral group (Group I) was 7.90±0.905 gm /dl and in i/v group (Group II) was 7.81±0.849 gm /dl. There was significant rise in hemoglobin and hematocrit in both groups after 2 weeks and 6 weeks. However, efficiency of iron sucrose was greater in between the groups (p value=0.0000). There was a rise in serum ferritin to 58.35±14.537μg/L from 8.30±1,461μg/L after 6 weeks in intravenous group with shorter duration of treatment indicating a high efficacy (p<0.001). Intravenous iron sucrose did not result in any serious adverse reactions.

Conclusions: This study illustrates clearly that intravenous iron sucrose complex is safe, convenient and effective in postpartum anemic women as compared with oral ferrous sulphate.


Intravenous iron sucrose, Oral ferrous sulphate, Post-partum anemia

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