Published: 2018-10-25

Prenatal diagnosis of fetal cholelithiasis: a rare case

Anamika Singh, Vandana Bansal, Neha Singh


Fetal gallstones are a rare ultrasonography finding. Authors came across a similar case of fetal gallstones detected in routine third trimester scan. Patient had Rh negative blood group which might be the cause of fetal gallstone in this case however in most cases, the cause is undefined. Case was confirmed to have gallstones in postnatal scan which eventually resolved spontaneously within 1 month. The presence of gallstones in the fetus does not alter the fetal prognosis or obstetrical management since complete resolution is seen in most of the cases in late third trimester or neonatal period which may be due to either spontaneous passage of gallstones during early neonatal period or dilution of cholesterol crystals with postnatal hydration.


Fetal cholelithiasis, Gall stones, Prenatal, Third trimester, Ultrasound

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