Giant retroperitoneal liposarcoma during pregnancy: case report

Dhruba Prasad Paul, Kashish Garg


24-year-old woman was presented with huge vulval mass for which she was operated, histopathological report of that mass shows angiomyoma. After few months she was discovered to have a giant retroperitoneal tumor incidentally during her routine obstetric examination at 24 weeks of gestation. Initial investigation by abdominal-pelvic computed tomography (CT) (18/08/18) revealed an a large multiseptated soft tissue attenuated minimally enhancing pelvic mass (31.8cmx13.2x 24cm) protruding in the abdominal cavity displacing the bowel loops proximally and pushing retro organs posteriorly. She underwent laparotomy with preservation of the fetus at 24 weeks of gestation. Final diagnosis was made after HPE report which shows myxoid liposarcoma. She was referred to regional cancer hospital for radiotherapy and then patient lost in follow up.


Angiomyoma, HPE, Myxoid liposarcoma, Radiotherapy, Retroperitoneal tumor, Vulval mass

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