The spindle of oocytes observed by polarized light microscope can predict embryo quality

Tung T. Nguyen, Hang T. Doan, Lam H. Quan


Background: The aim is to evaluate spindle position of metaphase II oocyte and the development of embryos originated from oocytes with spindle and without spindle.

Methods: Cross-sectional analysis Research: 250 MII oocytes were analyzed with polarized microscope in Military Institute of Clinical Embryology and Histology, Vietnam Military Medical University.

Results: Spindles were detected in 170 (77.98%) of 218 metaphase II oocytes, 115 spindles (67.65%) of MII oocytes is beneath or adjacent to the first polar body, 55 oocytes had the spindle located between 300 and 1800 away from the first polar body. Fertilization rate and the rate of good quality embryos in oocytes with a visible spindle (77.98% and 61.02%) were higher than those in oocytes without a visible spindle (22.02% and 36.84%), the difference was statistically significant with p <0.001 and p <0.05.

Conclusions: The spindle position of metaphase II oocytes is not always beneath or adjacent to the first polar body. Fertilization rate and the rate of good quality embryos in oocytes with a visible spindle were higher than those in oocytes without a visible spindle.


ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), Metaphase II oocyte, Polscope, Spindle

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