Umbilical cord cyst: a diagnostic dilemma

Aayushi Kaushal, Reeti Mehra, Sunita Dubey, Poonam Goel, Seema Sheokand, Navjot Kaur


Umbilical cord cyst refers to any cystic lesion associated with the umbilical cord. Cord cysts can be defined as true or false cysts and may occur in any location along the cord. They are irregular in shape and are located between the cord vessels. Authors are reporting the case of an infant with an umbilical cord tumor which had twice been misdiagnosed previously as a hemangioma, based on ultrasound image of its cystic and solid component with good vascular supply. The ultrasound image most likely suggestive of a hemangioma as a differential diagnosis led to caesarean section in our patient (based on large size of the lesion and fear of rupture of same during process of labour). The definitive diagnosis was made only after birth of the baby. Final diagnosis of true umbilical cord cyst was made after histopathological examination. Thus, there can be confusion in the diagnosis between umbilical cord hemangiomas and umbilical cord cysts based on ultrasound.


Umbilical cord, Umbilical cord cyst, Umbilical cord hemangioma

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