Published: 2018-12-26

The study of maternal and perinatal outcome in preeclampsia in tertiary care hospital

Neelima B.


Background: Preeclampsia accounts for majority of causes for maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality.

Methods: All patients beyond 20 weeks with pre-eclampsia admitted to Gandhi Hospital during two-year study period were enrolled in the study. The  objective of this study was to analyze the type and rate of maternal and perinatal complications in preeclampsia. Women with preexisting renal disease, chronic hypertension, anemia, heart disease, epilepsy, thrombophilias, hemolytic disease, preexisting liver disease were excluded from the study. Obstetrics management was done as per existing protocol in the department. Magnesium sulphate  was the drug of choice to control convulsions. Blood pressure was controlled by either tablet alpha methyl dopa or nifedipine or both.

Results: Preeclampsia cases accounted for 460 (4.9%) of total deliveries. Majority (86.52%) were unbooked cases between 20 -25 years of age (63.48%) and were primigravida (60.44%) belonging to low socioeconomic status (73.91%). Commonest maternal complication in present study was eclampsia (34.56%) Total maternal deaths accounted for 14. Most common cause for maternal mortality was eclampsia with HELLP (9,64.28%).  Total perinatal deaths  accounted for164 and most common cause  for perinatal death was prematurity (47,28.65%).

Conclusions: Preeclampsia is major leading cause for poor maternal and fetal outcome. Regular antenatal checkup , early diagnosis  , early interventions , early referral to tertiary centers, optimum timing and mode of delivery and awareness among patients will reduce both maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality.


Maternal mortality, Preeclampsia, Perinatal mortality

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