Published: 2019-01-25

Clinical presentation and outcome of ectopic pregnancies in a tertiary care rural hospital

Indu Verma, Punya Priya, Charvi Chugh, Harsharan Kaur, Dinesh Sood


Background: Ectopic pregnancy is the commonest cause of the maternal morbidity and mortality in the first trimester of the pregnancy. The aim of this study was to see the clinical presentation, associated risk factors, mode of treatment and outcome.

Methods: Retrospective study conducted in a tertiary care rural hospital. Women with diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy admitted between August 2016 to September 2018 were studied. Medical record files were scrutinized to get the details. Data was analyzed using Microsoft Office Excel (version 2007). Numerical data were subjected to descriptive analysis, with mean±standard deviation (SD) and categorical data as frequency and percentage.

Results: Forty cases of ectopic pregnancy were included who were unbooked, non-smokers, married and belonged to rural areas. Eighty percent were in the age group of 20 to 30 years.  Maximum were gravida 3 or 4 with commonest presentation was pain, site was tubal. Laparotomy was done in 95% of women salpingectomy was the commonest surgical procedure done in 32 (80%) women. Salpingoophrectomy was done in one woman and lifesaving hysterectomy in 2 (5%) women for cervical and ruptured interstitial ectopic pregnancy one each. Blood transfusion was required in 28 (70%) women. No mortality was seen.

Conclusions: Women of reproductive age group with pain abdomen and menstrual complaints, even without amenorrhoea, ectopic pregnancy should be ruled out. Treating reproductive tract infections / PID and offering contraceptives will decrease the incidence of ectopic pregnancy. Medical and paramedical staff should do the timely referral to higher centres.


Ectopic pregnancy, Risk factors, Laparotomy

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