Prolapse in pregnancy

Indrani Dutta, Jacinta Minz


Presentation of uterine prolapse is a normal event in a pregnant woman which can be pre-existent or else manifest in the course of pregnancy. Complications resulting from prolapse of uterus vary from minor cervical infection to spontaneous abortion to preterm labour, maternal and fetal mortality, acute retention of urine and urinary tract infection. Authors of this paper have studied a case of a pregnant lady who presented to the emergency department with prolapse and her line of management which was executed. This was a case report study and management were done as per standard obstetrical guidelines. Patient was counselled at the time of discharge. Implementation of conservative treatment modalities throughout pregnancy with prolapse and their application in accordance of severity of uterine prolapse and patient’s preference may be sufficient to achieve an uneventful pregnancy, normal and spontaneous vaginal delivery.



Delivery, Dystocia, Pessary, Prolapse

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