Published: 2019-04-29

Correlation of admission labour admission test in low risk pregnancies with pregnancy outcome

Preeti Sharma, Nikita Gandotra, Deepti Rana, Sabia Rasheed, Anil Kumar Sharma


Background: Aim of the study was to evaluate the role of NST (labour admission test) as a screening method in management of low risk pregnancies and to study the correlation of NST with fetal outcome.

Methods: A prospective observational study conducted over 500 patients managed at our centre after proper evaluation. Patients were evaluated for mode of delivery and neonatal outcome.

Results: The maximum number 352 of patients belonged to 20-30 years age group, 113 patients belonged to 31-35 age group. 200 patients were of 37-40 weeks gestation and 185 were of 40-41 weeks gestation. There were 125 patients in the 41-42 weeks gestational period. Among the 500 pregnant mothers who were included in the study 82.6% had Normal NST, 11.6% had suspicious and 5.8% had pathological NST. Cesarean rate was 14.4% in normal NST group, 58.62% in suspicious group and 72.41% in pathological group study. 6.77% in Normal group had meconium stained liquor at delivery whereas 29.31% in suspicious group and 37.93% in pathological group had same.

Conclusions: The non-stress test is an important screening tool to identity the fetus in jeopardy in utero. This enables an appropriate timely intervention to achieve the most favorable outcome.


Apgar score, Fetal distress, Low risk pregnancy, NST

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