Costs of medical manipulations and funding of medical staff across the Europe

Elizabete Pumpure, Elina Ozola, Ronalds Mačuks


The Clinical University hospitals in European Union, including those from new European countries, are providing medical services according to high quality standards; however there are significant differences in medical service payment from the government. There are also differences in the amount of the payment for in- and outpatient services. According to World Bank’s assessment several of new European Union members are ranked as high-income countries alongside to old European member countries, but the payment gap of medical services between these countries is very relevant. Health insurance costs vary a lot across the European Union countries, with the highest percentage in Germany (15.5%) and the lowest in France (100 Euro per year). In most countries the government finances the costs of surgical manipulations, but by contrast in Latvia patients have to pay fixed payment of EUR 43 for treatment even in case of malignancy and additional payments for staying in hospital. The salary of surgeons in field of gynecological oncology for the full workload ranges from 500 Euro in Macedonia to 4000 Euro in Denmark per month after the taxes. Reward from government varies a lot for the same manipulations in different countries. Despite the fact World Bank ranks new European countries as high-income countries there is tremendous difference in the manipulation costs covered by government and payment of medical stuff.


Costs, Gynecology, Medical manipulations, Oncology

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