Bilateral Brenner tumor of ovary with associated unilateral mucinous cystadenoma: a case report

Natasha Mittal, Bhaskar Das, Seema Manuja, Renu Gupta


Brenner tumors are rare ovarian tumors, which are a subgroup of transitional cell tumors of ovary. Most of these tumors are benign presenting as incidental unilateral masses in postmenopausal age group. Only 5-7% cases are bilateral. These tumors are mostly small, solid and asymptomatic, seen commonly in association with mucinous cystadenomas of ovary. In such cases they may attain a massive size. Specific diagnosis of Brenner tumor is difficult using imaging studies and can be definitely diagnosed only on pathological examination. Surgical removal is usually curative for benign tumors. We present a rare case of bilateral Brenner tumor of ovary with associated unilateral mucinous cystadenoma in which bilateral Brenner tumor was a rare incidental finding on pathological examinatio


Brenner tumor, Mucinous cystadenoma, Ovarian tumor

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