Moving closer to an ideal tocolytic agent

Nikita Mohan Gadam, Swarnalata Samal


Background: In the modern era of obstetrics with years of extensive research, the incidence of preterm birth remains unchanged. Tocolysis, pharmacological inhibition of premature labor is the mainstay of treatment for preterm labor.

Methods: This is a prospective study. 100 antenatal cases between 28-36 weeks gestation fulfilling the inclusion criteria with preterm labor were included in the study. They were started on capsule Nifedipine for management of preterm labor. Primary outcome was to see for prolongation of pregnancy >48 hours. The mean prolongation of pregnancy was also assessed. Secondary outcome was to assess the maternal side effects and the neonatal outcome.

Results: Mean prolongation of pregnancy was 22.39 days. Success rate of drug treatment was 89%. Maternal side effects like headache, tachycardia and facial flushing were seen. No major neonatal side effects were seen.

Conclusions: The ease of administration, the low cost, along with the good efficacy and safety, Nifedipine could be considered as one of the first choice agent for tocolysis.


Nifedipine, Preterm labor, Tocolysis

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