Pregnancy in a rare case of Takayasu’s arteritis: a case report

Kushal Shah, Vaishali Korde Nayak


In Takayasu’s arteritis is a rare, chronic idiopathic vasculitis affecting aorta and its major branches, commonly seen in young women of Asian origin. Incidence is 2.6 cases/million/year. Female of reproductive age group are commonly affected. A 32-year female G3A2 with known case of Takayasu arteritis wanted to continue this pregnancy under tremandous social pressure and came for antenatal care at tertiary care hospital. As the pregnancy advanced, she developed uncontrolled hypertension and severe IUGR. At 30 weeks of gestation, elective LSCS had to be done in view of reduced fetal blood flow and severe growth restriction. She delivered male baby of 1 kg which was shifted to NICU. Patient required cardiac intensive care unit for first 48 hrs and later shifted to ward. Postoperative period was uneventful, and patient could be discharged on 8th day. Baby received intensive NICU care and discharged after 1 month with 2 kg weight. Pregnancy with takayasu arteritis requires a multipronged management from gynaecologist, cardiologist, cardiac anaesthetist and neonatologist for favourable maternal and fetal outcome.


Fetal growth restriction, Pregnancy, Pulseless disease, Takayasu arteritis, Uncontrolled hypertension

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