Aggressive angiomyxoma of broad ligament: an uncommon mesenchymal tumor


  • Sunil Vitthalrao Jagtap Department of Pathology, Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Deemed University, Karad, Maharashtra, India
  • Nitesh Nasre Department of Pathology, Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Deemed University, Karad, Maharashtra, India
  • Nitin S. Kshirsagar Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Deemed University, Karad, Maharashtra, India
  • Shubham S. Jagtap Student, Governmennt Medical College, VMMC, Solapur, Maharashtra, India



Angiomyxoma, Histopathology, Hysterectomy, Tumor of broad ligament


Aggressive angiomyxoma is a rare mesenchymal tumor occurring predominantly in the pelviperineal region. Authors present a case of a 70 years female presented with history of distention of lower abdomen with recurrent pain since 6 months. On clinical examination there was suspicion of fibroid. On USG it was reported as huge fleshy, soft tissue mass measuring 20x10x9 cm in lower abdominal flanks and pelvis with vascular pedicle attached to right parametrium. Pan-hysterectomy was performed. Right broad ligament showed mass measuring 18.5x10x6 cm. On histopathological examination it was diagnosed as a case of Aggressive angiomyxoma of broad ligament. We are presenting this case for its extreme rarity, clinicohisto-pathological and radiological findings.


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