Full term broad ligament pregnancy: a case report


  • Vidhi J. Shah Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Saraswati Hospital, Badsam bypass road, Rajasthan, India




Broad ligament pregnancy, Ectopic pregnancy, Laparotomy, Ultrasonography


A broad ligament pregnancy is extremely rare form of ectopic pregnancy with high maternal and perinatal mortality. The eventuality of such pregnancies reaching full term is even rarer. Although ultrasonography is helpful in making diagnosis, but it is mostly established during laparotomy. Our patient is an unbooked case, G2P1 reported to us at 39 weeks of pregnancy with abdominal pain. Ultrasonography showed viable foetus with severe intrauterine growth restriction (estimated fetal weight of 1.98 kg), transverse lie, severe oligohydramnios with complete placenta praevia. Patient was taken for caesarean section. Intraoperative diagnosis of left broad ligament pregnancy was made, foetus was removed alive and broad ligament along with placenta, left fallopian tube and ovary was excised. Post-operative period was uneventful.


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