Published: 2019-07-26

Broad ligament term pregnancy in an unscarred uterus: misdiagnosis and the challenges

Shalini Singh, Madhubala Chauhan


A broad ligament pregnancy is a rare condition, but full term broad ligamnet pregnancy especially in an unscarred uterus is extremely rare. It is often misdiagnosed and usually finally diagnosed during surgery. Here is case of full term broad ligament pregnancy, which remained undiagnosed throughout her pregnancy, unfortunately had IUFD. Patient was referred to our hospital in view of failure of induction with increased BP records. No ultrasound was available on admission. On clinical assessment it appeared as transverse lie with IUFD. So cesarean was decided as a mode of delivery. Emergency ultrasound could just confirm IUFD with pelvic mass? Fibroid (actually deviated uterus). On laparotomy the broad ligament pseudosac had occupied entire abdomen. After delivery of baby, anatomy was found completely distorted. Highly vascular omental adhesions on fundus with difficulty in placental removal. Placenta could be traced reaching abdomen posteriorly. The first clinical impression was suspicion of placenta percreta. Uterus appeared non salvageable and hysterectomy was decided. Placenta was found lying in abdomen, adhered to bowel, omentum and fundus of uterus. The final diagnosis of broad ligament pregnancy could be made after the cut section of the uterus and anatomic evaluation. Patient required blood transfusions preoperatively .She remained stable and discharged on postoperative day nine. This case holds importance because may be outcome was different if it was a booked and investigated pregnancy. May be baby and uterus were salvageable with better outcome.


Broad ligament pregnancy, Ectopic pregnancy, Obstetrical hemorrhage, Placenta insitu, Placenta percreta, Peripartum hysterectomy

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