Study of efficacy and complication of postpartum IUCD insertion at Govt. medical college, Bastar

Mamta Bansal, Jyoti Lagoo, Khushbu Pujari


Background: This study is aimed at determining the safety, efficacy and expulsion of PPIUCD. This study also aims to determine the rates of complications (bleeding, pelvic infection, lost strings, and displacement) following PPIUCD insertion among the women in one year period.

Methods: This study was conducted at department of obstetrics and gynecology, Late B.R.K.M Govt. medical college, Jagdalpur, Chattishgarh. Women admitted and delivered were counseled and those who fulfilled the medical eligibility criteria and had no contra indication for PPIUCD were provided the PPIUCD services.

Results: Total women 600, lost to follow-up 329, complications 162 (expulsion 14, bleeding 35, string problem 44), removal 102.

Conclusions: The PPIUCD (Cu380A) is demonstrably safe, effective, has high retention rate. The expulsion rate is not very high and it can be reduced with correct techniques, correct selection of clients, and correct time selection for the client.


PPIUCD- Post partum intra uterine contraceptive device

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