Published: 2019-08-26

Correlation of serum magnesium levels in eclampsia with pritchard and single dose magnesium sulphate regimen

Shreya M. S., Nayana D. H.


Background: Magnesium sulphate is anticonvulsant of choice for eclampsia. Single dose magnesium sulphate therapy was tried for the management of Eclampsia and Imminent Eclampsia considering the low body mass index of Indian population.

Methods: A prospective interventional study comprising of total 80 patients having either eclampsia or imminent eclampsia, to whom the Pritchard or a single dose MgSO4 was given alternatively in a tertiary hospital   from October 2014 to October 2017. Serum magnesium levels, maternal and perinatal outcome and recurrence of convulsions were evaluated using Student- t test and chi square test.

Results: Mean Serum Magnesium levels in eclampsia and imminent eclampsia group at 0 min, 30 min, 4 hours in Pritchard regimen were 1.96mg/dl, 5.85mg/dl, 4.68mg/dl while in single dose regimen it was 1.78mg/dl, 462mg/dl, 3.63mg/dl respectively. Those who received Pritchard regimen showed higher level of Serum magnesium levels at 30 minutes and 4 hours than those receiving single dose. By applying T-test it was found that there is a significant difference in serum magnesium levels range in both group but no statistical difference in the control of convulsions in both groups.

Conclusions: With increased and almost widespread use of magnesium sulfate in obstetrics there has been concerns regarding its safety. In the study, although P-values are not significant because of small sample size, there is considerable difference in serum magnesium levels 30 min and 4 hours, recurrence of convulsions and maternal morbidity between Pritchard regimen and single dose regimen. The goal which was achieved with Pritchard regimen previously, now can be achieved with single dose regimen in Indian women. Single dose magnesium sulphate is safe and effective in controlling convulsions with improved maternal and perinatal outcome.


Background: Magnesium sulphate is anticonvulsant of choice for eclampsia. Single dose magnesium sulphate therapy was tried for the management of Eclampsia and Imminent Eclampsia considering the low body mass index of Indian population. Methods: A prospect

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