Breech presentation at term: outcomes and mode of delivery in a tertiary care teaching hospital In South India

Liji David, Anuja Abraham, Preethi Navaneethan, Annie Regi


The aim of this study was to study the outcomes of all patients who presented with breech presentation at term (≥37 weeks), to assess what percentage of patients were offered External cephalic version (ECV), the rates of success of the procedure and the rates of vaginal delivery following successful ECV. It was a retrospective study of 669 patients diagnosed with breech at term, their clinical records were retrieved and data like age, BMI, parity, type of breech and scan findings noted. ECV was done in 256 patients and was successful in 35.5% of women with 51.1% being multigravidas and 26.8% in primigravidas. 76.9% of women with successful ECV delivered vaginally.  There was no significant fetal or maternal morbidity documented as a result of ECV in this study.  


Assisted breech delivery, Caesarean section, Complete breech, External cephalic version, Frank breech, Successful ECV

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