Published: 2019-09-26

Gliomatosis peritonei arising in setting of immature teratoma of ovary: a case report

Dhruba Prasad Paul, Kashish Garg, Ashis Kumar Rakshit


A 14 years old girl presented to the gynecology OPD with pain abdomen and huge abdominal lump since 2 months. On clinical examination, a large mass of 20x15 cm size was found extended upto the xiphoid process. Serum studies showed rise of CA-125 up to 406.9U/mL and LDH up to 310U/L. USG shows right ovarian cyst of 14.8x14.1x12.8 cm with internal calcification. MRI revealed a well encapsulated mass of 21x19x17cm with solid and cystic mass and upward peritoneal extension. Exploratory laparotomy was performed with right sided salpingo- ophorectomy with infracolic omentectomy, as the omentum appeared granular. She had an uneventful post-operative recovery. Subsequently HPE showed immature teratoma NORRIS grade 3 with co-existent peritoneal gliomatosis (grade 0). She is under regular follow-up and decided to give six cycles of combination chemotherapy with BEP at regional cancer hospital.


Abdominal mass, Chemotherapy, Gliomatosis, HPE, Immature teratoma, Laparotomy

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