Budd Chiari syndrome due to inferior vena cava web complicating pregnancy in patient with bad obstetric history: an interesting case

Richa Subhash Udhwani, Michelle Nalini Fonseca, Deepali Swapnil Kapote


Presenting an unusual case of 27 years old female who presented at 18 weeks of pregnancy with second trimester bleeding per vaginum. Patient had history of recurrent abortions on examination was found to have hypertension and thrombocytopenia. Usg done revealed severe oligohydramnios. Patient was managed conservatively but aborted spontaneously at 22 weeks of gestation. Post-abortionl on day 2 patient developed abdominal distension and liver function tests were found to be deranged. USG and CT abdomen and pelvis was done, which revealed Budd chiari syndrome due to inferior vena cava (IVC) web. This extremely rare condition is characterized by obstruction of inferior vena cava by membrane or fibrous band. This condition is diagnosed by radiological techniques which in our patient revealed classical findings of caudate lobe hypertrophy, non-visualization of hepatic veins, moderate hepatomegaly and spleenomegaly and multiple collaterals. Esophagogastroduodenoscopy done which revealed large varieces for which endoscopic variceal ligation was done. IVCgram and IVC plasty was done by interventional radiology department 6 weeks after abortion. The aim of this case report is to highlight an extremely rare cause of Budd Chiari syndrome and IVC web in patient with recurrent abortion with spleenomegly leading to thrombocytopenia. It is important to rule out other differential diagnosis in these patients like APLA, ITP.


Budd Chiari syndrome, Hepatosplenomegaly, IVC web, Portal hypertension, Recurrent pregnancy loss, Thrombocytopenia

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