Doppler predictors of perinatal outcome in intra-uterine growth retarded foetuses


  • Varshika Mahesh Hingorani Department of Radiology, NHLMMC, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  • Dharita S. Shah Department of Radiology, NHLMMC, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  • Madhura Ghate Department of Radiology, NHLMMC, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  • Sachin Patel Department of Radiology, NHLMMC, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India



APGAR, Doppler, Intrauterine growth restricted, Perinatal, Umbilical artery, Uterine artery


Background: The study aims at early detection of intrauterine growth retarded fetuses which are at high risk of perinatal complications. It can help obstetricians take appropriate preventive steps and prevent serious perinatal complications.

Methods: The study undertaken over 100 pregnant women with pregnancy induced hypertension between 28-36 weeks subjected to umbilical artery and uterine artery doppler. The outcome data including gestational age at birth, birth height, APGAR score, admission to NICU, need for positive pressure ventilation and neonatal mortality.

Results: The study shows that 58% mothers with IUGR foetuses were primigravida; gestational age at delivery is 34.2 weeks and 82% of IUGR foetuses were delivered by C-section. Average birth weight of foetus with abnormal doppler was significantly lower and there was high incidence of NICU admission. The study also shows that oligohydroamnios was common with abnormal doppler group.

Conclusions: Umbilical artery doppler velocity in addition to uterine artery velocity doppler should be considered as a primary tool for foetal surveillance in pregnancy induced hypertension patients and for planning management of IUGR foetuses.


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