Published: 2019-10-23

Autoamputation of the ovary: a rare consequence of torsion in a mature cystic teratoma

Nitin H. Shah, Aditi V. Joshi, Amit Pilankar, Shweta Pilankar


Autoamputation of the ovary may be a result of longstanding infarction resulting from torsion of the ovarian pedicle. This entity may be confused with an ectopic or supernumerary ovary.  A proper detailed history taking is important to provide clues for diagnosis. We report a case of a young female patient diagnosed with autoamputation of unilateral ovary on laparoscopy, with histopathology confirmation of ovary with dermoid cyst.


Autoamputation of ovary, Dermoid cyst, Laparoscopy, Rare phenomenon, Torsion, Young patients

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