A rare case of isolated fallopian tube torsion


  • Namrita Sandhu Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Army College of Medical Sciences, Delhi Cantt, Delhi, India
  • Sanjay Singh Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Army College of Medical Sciences, Delhi Cantt, Delhi, India




Appendicitis, Fallopian tube, Laparoscopic resection, Pain abdomen, Torsion


Isolated torsion of fallopian tube is a rare occurrence. Diagnostic difficulty gets compounded in adolescents because the most commonly used imaging study in young, usually sexually inactive, population is transabdominal ultrasonography which may show normal ovaries, leading clinicians to abandon a diagnosis of adnexal torsion. Other imaging modalities such as CT scan or MRI are less useful for a rapid diagnosis because of the risk of radiation exposure, cost, or lack of ready availability. Delays in diagnosis may increase the likelihood of necrosis of the fallopian tube which would result in salpingectomy as was the case in our case report. Here authors present one such case, wherein one 12 year old girl who attained menarche at 10 years of age presented with acute paraumblical pain and vomiting without any fever, bowel and bladder disturbances. On examination there was tenderness in right iliac fossa. Her USG report was unremarkable. She initially was put-on broad-spectrum antibiotics but without any amelioration of symptoms. Diagnosed as appendicitis by surgeon, she was taken up for laparoscopic appendicectomy. However, it turned out to be a case of fallopian tube torsion, wherein the tube had become gangrenous for which salpingectomy was done.


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