Study of spectrum of cardiac disease complicating pregnancy and the maternal and foetal outcome

Sudha R., Anjali R.


Background: Heart diseases are the most important non obstetrical causes of maternal deaths during pregnancy, accounting for almost 10% of maternal deaths. They complicate 1-3% of all pregnancies.

Methods: The study was conducted at Cheluvamba Hospital from January 2015 till July 2016. All pregnant women with cardiac disease were included in the study. Pregnant women with cardiac disease were followed up during antenatal period, evaluated and maternal and foetal outcome was studied.

Results: Total number of deliveries in the one and half year study period was 18,803 cases and the total number of women with cardiac disease was 90. Most of the subjects belonged to NYHA grade I and II (95.5%), whereas NYHA grade III and IV constituted only 4.4% of cases. Rheumatic heart disease was the principal cardiac lesion (62.22%) among the pregnancies, while congenital heart disease (33.33%) was the second most common cause. 16.7% had cardiac complications and there were 2(2.22%) maternal mortality. 91.86% were live births with 5.88% IUDs and 2.35% neonatal deaths. 15.29% of the babies were Preterm, 8.14% were IUGR babies and 2.35% had congenital anomalies. It was noted NYHA grade III/IV cases had more preterm babies compared to NYHA grade I/II. NICU admissions were also more with NYHA grade III/IV.

Conclusions: The results suggest the need for pre-pregnancy counselling, early diagnosis, correction of cardiac lesions where indicated, close surveillance during pregnancy and a team approach comprising of obstetricians, cardiologists, neonatologists and nursing personnel for a successful pregnancy outcome.


Cardiac disease, Coronary heart disease, Fetal outcome, New York heart association, Outcome, Pregnancy, Rheumatic heart disease

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