Published: 2019-12-26

A clinical study of association of genital tuberculosis with infertility in a tertiary centre of Jharkhand, India

Samarina Kamal, Vandita Singh, Shashibala Singh


Background: The worldwide incidence of GTB is approximately 5- 10% in infertile women. It varies from as low as 0.69% in some developed countries to as high as 19% in India. It is diagnosed by culture of the tubercle bacillus from tissue sampled from the genital tract is the yardstick for diagnosis and remains the gold standard.

Methods: A prospective study was carried out between January 2012 and January 2015 on 100 women presenting with infertility.

Results: A total (27%) women were diagnosed as genital tuberculosis by combination of hystero laparoscopic findings, histopathological and endometrial DNA-PCR technique confirmation. Of these (40.62%) had secondary infertility and remaining (59.38%) had primary infertility. (15.62%) were previously diagnosed with pulmonary or extra pulmonary tuberculosis and had completed a full course of Anti-tubercular treatment as per WHO CAT 1 regime.

Conclusions: Therefore, in countries where TB is endemic, early and aggressive strategies should be pursued to diagnose and treat TB.


Genital tuberculosis, Granuloma, Hysterolaparoscopy, Infertility, Paucibacillary, Polymerase chain reaction, Tubercles

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