Published: 2019-11-26

The effect of caffeine ingestion in prevention of post-operative ileus after caesarean section: a randomized controlled trial

Amr A. Nadim, Reda M. Ghanem, Madonna G. Benyamine, Fady N. Abdallah, Ahmed M. Abbas


Background: Caesarian section (CS) has become more prevalent than the vaginal delivery in Egypt. Many complications could occur after an abdominal surgery. One of the commonest but yet serious complications is the postoperative ileus that can possibly be prevented by caffeine ingestion. The aim of the study is to assess the value of caffeine ingestion in promoting intestinal motility and prevention of postoperative ileus after CS.

Methods: This is a randomized controlled trial that was conducted on 560 cases who were recruited from emergency unit and inpatient wards in Ain Shams University maternity hospital. The patients were divided into two groups where the intervention group received caffeinated coffee while the other group received decaffeinated coffee.

Results: There was statistically significant difference between the two groups regarding the bowel function after CS (p <0.05). The intervention group had improved intestinal functions after the CS. Patients from the intervention group had audible intestinal sound sooner than the control group. In addition, they passed flatus and were able to tolerate food in less time.

Conclusions: Consuming caffeinated coffee after CS contributes significantly to faster restoration of intestinal function. Coffee is a popular drink and can be used to decrease the incidence of postoperative ileus-related complications.


Caffeine, Cesarean section, Intestinal motility, Postoperative ileus

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