Extraperitoneal versus transperitoneal cesarean section: a retrospective analysis

Babita P. Vaswani, Aditi Trivedi, Sriram Gopal


Background: Cesarean section is becoming a more common delivery type worldwide. The objective of this study was to compare surgical morbidity in extraperitoneal versus transperitoneal techniques of cesarean section.

Methods: A total of 60 patients was included in this study out of which 30 underwent extraperitoneal cesarean section(ECS) and 30 patients underwent transperitoneal cesarean section (TCS) and compared both the techniques with respect to nausea or vomiting intra-operatively, pain score (as measured by visual analogue scale) post operatively, return of bowel function and blood loss.

Results: Intra-operative nausea and vomiting was noted in 33.34% of patients in TCS group while none of the patients in ECS group had any such complaints. No difference was noted in average blood loss between the 2 groups. Post-operative pain in ECS was 4.13 as compared to 6.86 in TCS. Return of bowel sounds in ECS group was much earlier (5.46 hours) as compared to TCS group (11.33 hours).

Conclusions: We conclude that extraperitoneal technique is advantageous over transperitoneal approach. Decreased nausea and vomiting, early return of bowel function in the post-operative period, decreased post-operative pain allowing early feeding and mobilization are definite benefits of this technique. This further helps in making a relatively smoother post-operative recovery.


Cesarean section, Extraperitoneal, Intraperitoneal, Surgical morbidity

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