Published: 2019-12-26

Partially four-vessel umbilical cord: about a diagnosed case at Panzi hospital

Boengandi Walala D., Nyakio Ngeleza O., Mukanire Ntakwinja B., Katenga Bosunga G., Mukwege Mukengere D.


Umbilical cord malformations are described in the literature; and it's about the umbilical artery and the umbilical vein. There are sometimes cases of a single umbilical artery. In contrast, the number of vessels in the umbilical cord can increase by three to four. A supernumerary umbilical vein is particularly rare and is usually found in association with congenital anomalies; sometimes the supernumerary umbilical vein is associated with no malformation. We report a case of umbilical cord having a four-vessel part diagnosed at the maternity ward of Panzi Hospital, in the town of Bukavu, South Kivu, DR Congo.


Four vessels, Panzi hospital, Umbilical cord

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