Published: 2020-01-28

Gynandroblastoma: a rare case report of ovarian sex cord tumour

S. Tanouti, I. Elamouri, H. Taheri, H. Saadi, A. Mimouni


Gynandroblastoma is an extremely rare ovarian sex cord tumor with malignant potential. An 61-year-old woman, menopausic, consulted for an abdominal pelvic mass. a latero-uterine mass measuring 27.8 cm in diameter showed a predominantly cystic pattern with a partial solid component. A unilateral adnexectomy was performed. A histopathological examination showed gynandroblastoma composed of juvenile granulosa and Sertoli-Leydig cells, chirurgical treatment was completed by total hysterectomy with right adnexectomy, omentectomy with no proof of malignant cells. We opted for a close observation without adjuvanted chemotherapy. two years after surgery, no signs of recurrence have been noted. The present findings can help clinicians make an accurate preoperative imaging diagnosis of gynandroblastoma with a juvenile granulosa cell component and plan an adequate treatment strategy for this rare, potentially malignant neoplasm.


Chirurgical treatment, Malignant potential, Rare ovarian tumor, Serum tumor marker

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