A rare case report of recurrent ectopic pregnancy

Prema Prabhudev, Sapna I. S., Soujanya M. Mudegoud


This case presenting a 30-year-old lady, a case of G4A1E2 who presented with history of 1 month of amenorrhoea, followed by bleeding per vaginum 1 week back for 3 days. Presented to hospital with spotting PV and pain abdomen for 2 days. UPT done at home was positive. USG revealed right ovarian complex haemorrhagic cyst and left adnexal ectopic pregnancy near left ovarian fimbriae. Conservative management by Methotrexate and Folinic acid regimen was tried but as there were no signs of resolution on serial ultrasonography reports and serial human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) levels did not fall as expected, hence decision of laparoscopy/laparotomy was made and salpingectomy was done. Later patient was followed up with serial hCG levels.


Fallopian tube, Human chorionic gonadotropin, Laparotomy, Recurrent ectopic pregnancy, Salpingectomy, Ultrasound

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