Chronic non puerperal uterine inversion due to submucosal fibroid: a rare case report

Shirish Dulewad, Chitikala Haritha


Chronic uterine inversion is a very rare and often difficult to distinguish between uterovaginal prolapse, submucous fibroid and cervical fibroid. Its diagnosis is based on high index of suspicion. A 50-year-old Para-3Live-3 tubectomised postmenopausal women with k/c/o psychiatric illness, resident R/0 Jambhrun, Mudhkhed came to our hospital with a complaint of irreducible mass protruding per vaginum since 2-3 months duration Subsequently vaginal hysterectomy has been done. The certainty of diagnosis of inverted uterus reached intraoperatively. Gross examination of cut uterus showed fundally located sub-mucous fibroid and specimen sent for histo-pathological report. Non puerperal chronic inversion of uterus is rare condition occurring in approximately 17% of all uterine inversions and most uterine inversions are acute and puerperal. Its incidence is 1/30,000 deliveries and is considered a serious complication of child birth. Most common factor causing inversion -> prolapse and extrusion of fibroids1 especially submucous myoma of fundus (80-85%). Its diagnosis should be considered at any age in post-menopausal period. Superinfection of the infected part should be suspected and treated with appropriate broad-spectrum antibiotics before the surgery.


Certainity of diagnosis intraoperatively, Chronic non puerperal uterine inversion, Hysterectomy, Submucosal fibroid

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