Placenta percreta: a rare presentation of obstetric emergency in second trimester

Niranjan Chavan, Hera Mirza, Sneha Venkateswaran, Pradnya Changede


Incidence of adherent placenta is on the rise nowadays due to various reasons. Placenta percreta is seen in 5-7% of cases with adherent placenta, patients with morbidly adherent placenta are at increased risk for major obstetric hemorrhage, usually in the third trimester. Here we present an unusual case of placenta percreta presenting with obstetric emergency after trauma to abdomen in the second trimester. Emergency exploratory laparotomy was done for abruptio placentae with scar dehiscence at 20 weeks period of gestation. Consent for obstetric hysterectomy, if needed, was also taken. Intraoperatively, the placenta was found to be adherent to posterior wall of bladder. Emergency obstetric hysterectomy with bilateral internal iliac ligation with cystoscopy with detrusorrhaphy was done. Patient had an uneventful recovery. Multidisciplinary management with obstetricians, urologists and intensivist is presented hereed.


Cystoscopy, Detrusorrhaphy, Obstetric emergency, Obstetric hysterectomy, Placenta percreta

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