Incidental finding of thoracic outlet syndrome in a case of right tubal ruptured ectopic pregnancy

Niranjan Chavan, Shalini Mahapatra, Meenakshi Ruhil, Shweta Mohokar


A 30-year-old woman, (multigravida) suffering from lower abdominal pain and slight vaginal bleeding was transferred to our hospital. She came with a pelvic ultrasound report. The provisional diagnosis of right tubal ectopic pregnancy was made. A laparotomy was carried out. Intraoperatively, blood pressure in both the arms were taken which revealed different blood pressure in different arms. A diagnosis of thoracic outlet syndrome was made. No postoperative complications were observed.



Ectopic pregnancy, Maternal morbidity, Ruptured ectopic pregnancy, Tubal pregnancy, Thoracic outlet syndrome

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