Published: 2020-03-25

Ovarian cystadenofibromas: a three cases report

Hafsa Taheri, Mohammed Reda Kholti, Asma Hmila, Hanane Saadi, Ahmed Mimouni


Ovarian cystadenofibromas is a benign ovarian tumor that typically affects women in their fifth decade. Its risk factors remain unknown. This case study report 3 cases of ovarian cystadenofibromas treated in our department. The patients are aged 21, 28 and 50 years-old. The clinical pictures were polymorphic but the pelvic ultrasound of the case patients showed cystic ovarian masses suspected of malignancy. Two patients underwent laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy, and the third one, aged 50, underwent laparoscopic adnexectomy. The anatomopathological study showed benign ovarian cystadenofibromas. The operating follow ups were simple. It represents a relatively rare tumor whose macroscopic aspect evokes ovarian cancer wrongly leading to an aggressive surgical attitude.


Cystadenofibroma, Laparoscopy, Ovary, Treatment

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