Published: 2016-12-27

Stress and infertility: a review

Supriya Hajela, Sudha Prasad, Aswathy Kumaran, Yogesh Kumar


Most of the couples suffering from infertility report it to be the most stressful and depressing period of their life. Stress can be a contributor to infertility and can adversely affect the treatment success, Recent scientific evidence suggest that psychological therapy, especially mind body therapy to counter stress can significantly improve pregnancy rates in women undergoing ART. Yoga is an ideal mind body therapy that is indigenous and one that can be effectively applied in the Indian scenario to optimize the psychological milieu of the sub fertile undergoing treatment. Infertility and ART from well-structured government run IVF centres can greatly reduce the financial burden of the infertile couple and further reduce their stress levels. Thus stress reducing strategies and low cost infertility treatment facility offer to be the ideal combination to fulfill the dreams of parenthood for the suffering sub fertile couples in India.


Stress, Infertility, Mind body therapy, Yoga, IVF, ART

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