Hysteroscopic treatment of cervical pregnancy: case report


  • Aarón Jiménez Valdez Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Naval Medical Center, Mexico
  • Sara Elia Hernadez Flores Chief of Tococirugia, Naval Medical Center, Mexico
  • Jorge Arturo Barbabosa Vilchis Department of Gynecology, Naval Medical Center, Mexico
  • Claudia Meixueiro Calderon Department of Pathology, Naval Medical Center, Mexico




Cervical implantation, Ectopic pregnancies, Hysteroscopy, Methotrexate


Of ectopic pregnancies, cervical implantation pregnancy is an exceptional entity, corresponding to less than 1% of ectopic pregnancies. With an incidence calculated at 1: 2500 to 1: 12,000 pregnancies. The risk factors for cervical pregnancy are the same as for other ectopic pregnancies. This entity, a difference from tubaric pregnancy where bleeding is within the peritoneal cavity, the main risk is incoercible vaginal bleeding, which usually ends in a hysterectomy, which limits the reproductive future of patients. There are currently no established criteria for candidates for medical versus surgical treatment. This case reports a case of cervical ectopic pregnancy, treated with Methotrexate, and culminating with hysteroscopy resection.


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