Effectiveness and use of prophylactic antibiotics in elective and emergency caesarean section at tertiary care hospital

K. Rama Lingam, Hari Babu Ramineni, Shaik Gulshan Firdous, P. Yamuna, B. Madhuri, D. N. S. S. Chidrupi


Background: Post-operative infections in obstetrics and gynecological settings have been higher compared to other specialties. Women undergoing caesarean section have 5 to 20-fold greater risk for infection compared with vaginal delivery. Many studies reported antimicrobial prophylaxis prevent post-operative infections. Hence this study concentrates the evaluation of the prescribing antimicrobial use and to assess the frequency of post-operative morbidity related to infection in subjects undergoing caesarean section. The aim of the study was to analysis the effectiveness, prophylactic antibiotics (amoxicillin versus ceftriaxone) and to evaluate the post-operative (caesarean) infections in patients undergoing lower segment caesarean section (elective and emergency).

Methods: This is a prospective observational study which assessed the effectiveness and use of prophylactic antibiotics in patients undergoing cesarean section at department of obstetrics and gynecology. The study was conducted over a period of one year.

Results: The corresponding mean age of all the study population in amoxicillin group (n=113) was 56.5±28.5 and in ceftriaxone group (n=97) was 48.5±26.5 respectively. The participant who underwent previous cesarean section in amoxicillin group is 65.48% similarly in ceftriaxone group is 47.42%. The patients with fetal distress in ceftriaxone group are 14.77% and in amoxicillin group is 8.92%. Failed induction in amoxicillin group is 9.82% and in ceftriaxone group is 6.81%. The number of days in hospital stay in amoxicillin group is 42.42% and in ceftriaxone group is 45.94%. The post-operative complications in amoxicillin group reported, with Febrile Illness are 40% and wound Infection is 60%.

Conclusions: Administration of pre-operative antibiotics significantly reduce post-operative infections. Use of ceftriaxone as a prophylactic antibiotic in patients undergoing lower segment caesarean section (elective and emergency) is more effective than Amoxicillin in preventing post-operative infections.


Amoxicillin, Ceftriaxone, Post-operative infections, Prophylactic antibiotics

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