A case of successful conception after Jone's metroplasty in woman with recurrent pregnancy loss with septate uterus

Jaydeep Bhatu, Hina Ganatra


Anomalies of the reproductive tract are common and are seen in approximately 3-5% of the general population. These are usually asymptomatic, but are sometimes associated with recurrent pregnancy loss or infertility. Among these anomalies, septate uterus is the most common anomaly to be associated with obstetric complications and infertility. A 27 years old female patient P0A2L0 with first spontaneous abortion at 3 months and second spontaneous abortion at 4 months came to OPD with complaint of recurrent pregnancy loss. She was advised USG of pelvic region which shows septate uterus with normal cervix, fallopian tubes and ovaries. Patient prepared for DHL complete septum present normal B/L ostium and Jone's metroplasty done in which wedge shaped incision kept on uterine fundus, common cavity created by un roofing septum myometrium closed and AT the end Copper T 375 placed in intrauterine cavity for 6 months. 1 year after surgery patient came with UPT positive for antenatal visit at sola civil. Patient is now with 30 weeks of pregnancy with normal single intrauterine live cephalic fetus, metroplasty is an accepted method of treatment in women with recurrent abortions and septate uterus and it significantly improves the subsequent reproductive outcome. combined data from several published series and reported that the incidence of spontaneous abortion and preterm delivery rate decreases significantly after metroplasty, whereas, the incidence of term delivery rate increases.


Jone's metroplasty, Recurrent pregnancy loss, Septate uterus

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