Published: 2020-04-28

Outcome of surgical management of genital prolapse in the obstetric gynecology department of the Ignace Deen Hospital in Conakry, Guinea

Abdourahamane Diallo, Telly Sy, Ibrahima Sory Balde, Ibrahima Koussy Bah, Ibrahima Conte, Ibrahima Amadou Diallo, Namory Keita


Background: Each year several patients are operated on for genital prolapse in our department, but no study has yet been done to analyse the results. The objective of this study was to highlight the operating techniques used and to analyse the anatomical and functional outcomes.

Methods: It was an observational, longitudinal, prospective and descriptive study which took place over a period of 2 years in the department of obstetrics and gynecology of the Ignace Deen hospital de Conakry in Guinea. This study focused on patients operated on in the department for genital prolapse.

Results: During the study period, 67 patients underwent genital prolapse surgery in the department. The operating techniques used are the triple perineal operation or, associated with colposuspension and/or Richter or Mc Call, Richardson's operation, Rouhier's operation and promonto-fixation. This study recorded in the follow up a case of recurrence of hysterocele one year after a Richardson operation, a correction of all digestive and sexual functional disorders and a correction of 81.25% of functional urinary disorders. The intraoperative complications were a rectal wound, two bladder wounds and three cases of hemorrhage requiring blood transfusion. The post-operative results were good in 98.5% of the cases.

Conclusions: The lower approach is the main route used for surgical treatment of prolapse. The anatomical and functional results obtained are encouraging.


Assessment, Ignace Deen, Prolapse, Surgical, Treatment

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