A rare case of lower segment scar pregnancy

Jaydeep Bhatu, Nikhil A. Anand, Ankita B. Chaudhari


Caesarean scar ectopic is one of the rarest of all ectopic pregnancies. The incidence of caesarean scar ectopic has increased due to increase in number of caesarean deliveries. A 31-year-old woman (G4P3003) presented from an outside facility to Sola Civil Hospital with vaginal bleeding and discharge with no abdominal pain or any discomfort. The gestational sac was located in an anterior position toward the anterior lower uterine segment at the level of prior caesarean scar with little visible myometrium noted anterior to the gestational sac in the lower uterine segment and Tissue was sent for histopathological examination and diagnosis of caesarean scar ectopic pregnancy was confirmed. Reports found that It is life threatening condition, causes excessive hemorrhage and risk of uterine rupture. The diagnosis of this type of ectopic pregnancy is very difficult and false negative diagnosis can lead to major complications.


Caesarean scar ectopic, Ectopic pregnancy, Uterine rupture

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