Published: 2020-05-27

Geriatric gynecology: need and spectrum

Mridula Singh, Sudha Chourasia


Background: Geriatric gynaecology deals with gynaecological pathologies essential in post-menopausal women aged 65 years and above. The spectrum of geriatric gynaecological disorders in India differs from those in developed countries as there are no effective screening program for early detection of cancer and the burden of ignorance and taboos. In this study we aim to find the spectrum of gynaecological disorders in geriatric women and establish the need of dedicated geriatric unit.

Methods: A cross-sectional comparative study was conducted on menopausal women of age 45 years or above who attended gynecology OPD for general counselling about menopause or treatment of menopausal problems over the period of 6 months duration. All these menopausal women attending OPD during this interval were evaluated on the basis of pretested questionnaire.

Results: Out of 234 post-menopausal women who entered the study, 29% women belong to geriatric group. Post-menopausal bleeding due to both malignant and benign causes and pelvic organ prolapse are the major problems in geriatric women whereas somatic complaints like flushing, night sweats are more common in younger menopausal women.

Conclusions: Where the medical science has successfully increased the life expectancy, focused approach to geriatric gynecology around us is our responsibility, where female still hesitate to come out. The need for dedicated geriatric gynecology unit in India on urgent basis is emphasized by this study wherein cancers can be screened in early stage and severe lifestyle hampering conditions like pelvic organ prolapse can be treated timely.


Geriatric, Geriatric unit, Gynecology, Menopause, Menopausal symptoms, Post-menopausal

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