An unusual case of posterior vaginal wall cyst

Sreelatha S., Ashok Kumar, Anitha GS, Tejaswini BH


Vaginal cysts are rare and are mostly detected as an incidental finding during a gynecological examination. The commonest type of simple vaginal cyst is the Mullerian cyst arising from paramesonephric duct remnants. These are typically lined by columnar epithelium and contain serous or mucinous fluid. A 41 year old multiparous woman presented with mass per vagina since 6 months. On examination, posterior vaginal wall cyst of 8 x 4 x 3 cm was detected. Surgical excision of the cyst was done under spinal anaesthesia by sharp and blunt dissection. The cyst was filled with mucoid material and histopathological examination confirmed mullerian origin. This is a rare presentation of mullerian cysts developing posteriorly.


Posterior vaginal wall cyst, Mullerian cyst

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