Uterine torsion in pregnancy, expect the unexpected: case report

Huda Nabihah Mokhtar, Sumayyah Mohammed Faridz, Rohana Ismail, Nasuha Yaacob, Roziana Ramli


Uterine torsion in pregnancy is a rare condition, but potentially life-threatening. The non-specific clinical features make preoperative diagnosis difficult and most cases are discovered during caesarean deliveries done for other obstetric indications. Authors present 2 cases of uterine torsion with different clinical presentation and outcome. Case 1 was a G3P2 at 36 weeks with twin pregnancy presented in active labour with a prolapsed cord. A 180 degrees uterine torsion was discovered only after delivery of the foetuses, resulting in inadvertent posterior uterine wall incision. Case 2 was a G6P5 at 35 weeks who presented with an acute abdomen and went into shock. At laparotomy, a 360 degrees uterine torsion was discovered complicated with placental abruption, causing a fresh stillborn baby. These cases highlight uterine torsion as a rare but important diagnosis in obstetrics, which could be associated with potentially devastating outcome.



Inadvertent posterior uterine wall incision, Uterine torsion during pregnancy, 180 degrees uterine torsion, 360 degrees uterine torsion

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