A study of maternal serum calcium and serum magnesium levels in pre-eclamptic and normotensive pregnancies


  • Pranshi Gupta Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Tirath Ram Shah Charitable Hospital, New Delhi, India




Hypertensive disorder in pregnancy, Pre-eclampsia, Serum calcium, Serum magnesium


Background: Hypertensive disorders are major factors responsible for morbidity and mortality in pregnancy and pre-eclampsia is the leading cause. The etiopathology of pre-eclampsia is not known even after significant research done on it. A strong strategy in its management is to try to reduce the incidence and severity by predicting its occurrence. In this study, the effect of serum calcium and serum magnesium levels is being investigated with occurrence pre-eclampsia.

Methods: Total 120 pregnant patients attending Tirath Ram Shah Hospital were included in the study. They were divided into two groups namely normotensive and hypertensive of 60 each. The serum calcium and serum magnesium levels were estimated and the correlation of these levels was studied with the pre-eclampsia related factors. The data was analysed by application of statistical test of significance.

Results: Mean serum calcium level in the normotensive group was 10.119±1.27 mg/dl while mean serum calcium level in the hypertensive group was 9.461±1.164. Mean serum magnesium level in the normotensive women in the study was 1.979±0.405 mg/dl. In the hypertensive women, mean serum magnesium level was 1.723±0.414 mg/dl.

Conclusions: This study shows that low levels of calcium and magnesium are found in serum of pre-eclampsia patients as compared to normotensive cases of the study population. The severity of pre-eclampsia is inversely proportional to the levels of serum calcium and magnesium.


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