Primary malignant melanoma of vagina: a case report

Smruti Gedam, Tarachand Sharma


Primary malignant melanoma of the vagina is a rare and aggressive disease with worse prognosis as compared with non-genital melanomas or other vaginal malignant neoplasms. Presented here is a case of 42 years female with 3 months history of amenorrhea and vaginal discharge. On vaginal examination, a firm growth of size approximately 7-8 cm was found attached to the left postero-lateral wall of vagina and extending up to the introitus. On biopsy and histopathological examination, it was diagnosed as a case of high-grade malignant melanoma of amelanotic type. Radiotherapy was started as a part of treatment after consultation with an oncologist, considering non-resectable nature of the mass. The patient received first 5 cycles of radiotherapy but succumbed to the disease during treatment.


Amelanotic melanoma, Primary malignant melanoma, Vaginal melanoma

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