A case of ovarian fibroma masquerading as a uterine fibroid

Raksha K. Shetty, Sadhana K. Desai, Prema M. Kania, Shruti K. Chandak


A case of a 37-year old patient who presented with a pelvic mass, recurrent urinary tract infection, urinary hesitancy and elevated serum CA-125 levels. A diagnosis of a large, posterior wall uterine fibroid was made on the basis of clinical examination and radiological imaging and abdominal myomectomy was planned. Intraoperative findings were a large left ovarian mass and multiple small uterine fibroids. The ovarian mass was removed and its histopathological examination findings were suggestive of an ovarian fibroma. This article highlights the unique clinical and radiological presentation of an adnexal mass as a fibroid and the non-specificity of CA-125 as a marker of ovarian malignancy.


CA-125, Ovarian fibroma, Radiographic features, Spindle cell tumour

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