Ruptured pyogenic liver abscess in pregnancy: a case report

Smruti Gedam, Shuchita Mundle


Pyogenic liver abscess during pregnancy is an extremely dangerous condition, both from general as well as obstetric point of view. An interesting case of 24-year primigravida reported at 28 weeks gestation with high grade fever and chills with features of peritonitis is being presented here, which on investigations subsequently was diagnosed to be a case of ruptured pyogenic liver abscess. The case was managed successfully with higher antibiotics and percutaneous drainage of the abscess. The obstetric outcome was successful as well, with spontaneous preterm delivery of 920 gm male child which cried immediately after birth and was managed with appropriate care in premature baby unit.


Case report, Pregnancy, Pyogenic liver abscess, Ruptured liver abscess

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